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Band Bio

Sonic Mojo was formed in January 2002 by guitarist Bob Edwards and drummer Brian Shekell. Lead by the songwriting ability and guitar wizardry of Bob, Sonic Mojo treads waters few bands are even willing to test. It's almost impossible to categorize their style of music. Their sound spectrum swings from blues-rock to grunge, punk, and even reggae, with soaring guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms all the way through.

The "no holds barred" approach to their music is accentuated by the style of drummer Brian Shekell, who is most comfortable and expressive in their diverse style of music. With almost twenty years experience playing and recording, you are always guaranteed a rock-solid performance with "Shekie" behind the drums!

Guitarist Bob Edwards (who is constantly compared to guitar gods Joe Satriani and Steve Vai) , provides a color and flavor on the guitar that will make you scream, laugh, cry, and applaud. "Bob-O's" speed on the fretboard is incredible and his accuracy is flawless, playing each note with clarity and emotion.

With such a unique sound, it was an obvious choice to bring the talented Eric Haven in to fill the bass guitar slot. With his custom bass (complete with tremolo bar) and signature rhythm/lead-bass guitar style, Eric was a shoe-in.

The boys of Sonic Mojo didn't have to look far for their vocalist. Michael Davis, long time friend of Bob-O, was eager to pick up the mic. Mike's raw talent, vocal range, and uninhibited stage presence put the finishing touches needed to complete the Sonic Mojo sound.

Coming soon to a town near you.........Got Mojo?


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I Saw
White Lies

Bob and Brian had   previously formed  Blade Runner, who in the 80's went on to support such national acts as Pat Travers, Ronnie Montrose, the Greg Kihn Band, and Shooting Star.   Eric and Brian were in two San Jose tribute bands together in the '90s, Rhoades to Ozz tribute to Ozzy and Randy Rhoades, and the Atomic Punks tribute to the mighty Van Halen.

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