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My favorite music:

My favorite type of music by far is good old ROCK and ROLL!! The first time I heard Van Halen I was hooked. They are the reason I became a musician! Edward Van Halen is by far the best rock guitarist on the planet, and Alex Van Halen is the drummer who inspires me the most. Other bands I really like are Queensryche and Dream Theatre.

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I'm "Shekie", and this is my little home on the web. Who am I? I was born and raised in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, California but currently reside in Mesa, Arizona.  I am currently employed with MSI Solutions as a Tech Support Analyst, and I'm also a musician. I've been playing drums for almost twenty years, and recently I have been learning how to play guitar and bass. In addition to sports and outdoor activities, I have been trying my hand at web design as a new hobby. Check the sections below....

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My favorite music

Band's I have played in:

I have played in several Bay Area bands since about 1984. I have recorded demos, videos, and a CD for an up-and -coming artist. Click to visit a page:



Rhoads to Ozz

Tribute to

Randy Rhoades

and Ozzy

The Atomic Punks

Tribute to

Van Halen


Bob and Shekie of Sonic Mojo Dream Theater
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My hobbies:

I like to travel, go camping, fishing, play softball, basketball, attend sports events, and definitely hang out at the beach. I'm not too bad of a cook either! For about 2 years now I've been trying to teach myself how to play guitar and bass. It's a hell of a lot harder for me than playing drums!!

  When I'm out and about I try to take pictures of scenery, wildlife, and whatever looks interesting at the time.  Here are some pictures I took. (Click to enlarge).

Stanislaus River    click to enlarge

Stanislaus River


Yosemite      click to enlarge



Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience    click to enlarge

Las Vegas


Silver Lake    click to enlarge

Silver Lake

Oahu Hawaii          click to enlarge

Oahu, HI


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Web Design:       

Another hobby I have started to take on is web page design. I have built several pages already, but nothing too complicated yet. One of my favorite pages I've done is the Van Halen Mailing List Bay Area page, which you can see here. If you or anyone you know needs a page built, contact me!

 Web page design by Shekie

Contact me:

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