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Everybody wants some!!

F'en Rog, Kate, Mike S., Mike B., Shekie and Jorie

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2 singers and 2 guitar players............LOOKOUT!

Jam Finale!

Jeremy takes a growler on stage........EWWWW!

Tim-O-Thy and Jeremy

He's a geeky bastard, but chick's seem to dig him!

Ellen and Tim-O-Thy

Can I take a frickin' brake yet??

Van Shekie

Jeremy shows us his IQ

Jam Session Fans

Janine O and Johnny "DANGER"

Janine and Johhny D.





Poor, poor Yolie, emberassed again by Jeremy.

Yolie enjoying

Jeremy's Speech


April and Rob just chillin'

April and Rob (Rex)

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park




Jurassic Park

King Kong!

Universal Studios

Gary, Jorie, Smooches, John and Jeff


"Don't cry kids, it's not real!!"

" us"


Dance with me ladies!

Chet Rocks!

Chet.......THE MAN!!


I've got big balls!

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