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Official site for the VHML CON 2000

CON 2000 Pictures

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Friday, Sep 29th at:

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For "Panama", a Dave-era VH Tribute band!


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Who? What? Where?

Who can attend a BAGT?

All Van Halen Mailing List members and their guests are welcome!

What is a BAGT?

A bunch of  VHML members from California getting CRAZY together!

Where are the events?

Everywhere! Concerts, Parties, Roadtrips, Sports Events etc.


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Official Site of the Van Halen Mailing List

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Splash Mountain and a Wolfgang guitar........WOW! Mike is actually from LA, but drives up for the parties.....

Can you say "Poser"?

Click for Kate's "Celtic Fire" webpage

Not as innocent as he looks............

Click for J.R.'s David Lee Roth Band live photos!

Good looking AND an awesome bass player??

Ellen fly's all the way from DC for our parties.......check out her band's website, "Medusa Complex"

A present?   for me?

All the way from the East Coast............Andrea

Eddie Van Halen......NOT!

A recent Bay Area transplant, read all about Rob (Rex)

Who the fuck is this guy??

My humble webpage..........."Shekie's Place"

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